Ownership Duo


Karen Fawcett

 is currently  Controller, as well as co-owner of Protrux Systems Inc. Since 2006 Karen has moved Protrux into the modern computer world for trucking. Her strong multi-level background includes areas in Finance, Customs Brokerage, Safety Compliance and Human Resources.Thirty two years’ experience in the Family Tugboat business gives Karen a strong foundation to succeed as a business owner. She now embraces her role as a women and leader with a multitude of skills that include Dispatch, Logistics, Accounting, Credit, Collections, Computer Technical, administration as well as Deckhand. Karen is a graduate of the Dov Baron Institute/Core Affluence Program, and is a Certified N.L.P. Practitioner. Previous accomplishments include Dale Carnegie Training and PSI Women’s Leadership Program.


Darren Racine

  is currently U.S. Logistics Coordinator including Vancouver Island and Straight Truck division, as well as co-owner of Protrux Systems Inc. Since 2006 Darren has worked towards his vision of Protrux leading the way in specialized trucking. His strong family background in the trucking industry and his own 20 year experience as a company driver turned owner operator, gives Darren a unique view from behind his desk. Since becoming co-owner Darren has used his detailed mind to stay one step ahead in the trucking world and is actively exploring ideas for growth. Darren is a graduate of The Dov Baron Institute/Speakers Academy for Leadership and Core Affluence Program. Previous Accomplishments include Dale Carnegie Training and P.S.I. Men’s Leadership.